50+ Free Premium Minecraft Accounts

Minecraft is a game from a Swedish game developer. This game is all about building a variety of distinct cubes in a 3D world that demands great creativity from the players. The game also involves gathering resources, crafting, exploring, and combat with system-controlled counterparts. The game also has multiplayer modes that include a survival mode, Creative mode, Spectator mode, and adventure modes that demand the user to acquire different goals.

The game from the time of release has received numerous acclaims and has won different awards for its features. Estimates indicate that until 2018 the about 144 million copies of the game have been sold across several platforms. In the year December 2014, the Microsoft acquired Minecraft, which later released spin-off games such as the Minecraft: Story Mode. The game today is available for personal computers, gaming consoles, Raspberry Pi, Pocket edition, and even for Virtual Reality products.

One of the biggest disadvantages of this game is that, to play the game, the player needs to have a premium Minecraft account that does not officially come free.

Here is how to create a new Minecraft account.

Creating a Minecraft account is not that complicated.

  • Step 1: Open your device default web browser and then navigate to the website https://minecraft.net
  • Step 2: Once the website is loaded, you will have to click on the “Register one here” button that is placed below the login bar.
  • Step 3: On the new page, you would find these options,
  1. Email address
  2. Confirm email address
  3. Password
  4. Repeat password
  5. And the date of birth

You will have to fill in all these details as requested.

  • Step 4: Once, you have entered all the details as requested on the form, click on the create account bar that is placed below the fill-up form.
  • Step 5: The page would now prompt you to verify the details entered and that you are not a robot. This could be done by answering the questions displayed on the screen.
  • Step 6: Now, the page would send a 4-character code to your email address, which you will have to enter on the fill-up form that appears on the screen.
  • Step 7: Once you have entered the code, click the “Verify” button below.

Now, your Minecraft account will be created successfully.

How to migrate from a Minecraft account to the Mojang account.

Official Minecraft Premium accounts are old and the updated system is Mojang account. That provides more advanced security options and all the game data is stored in a Mojang game library. This allows the user to install and resume playing from the saved place.

  • Step 1: Open, the web browser on your device and navigate to the website https://account.mojang.com/migrate
  • Step 2: Here, on the homepage, you will find options to enter your Minecraft account details. The details include
  1. E-mail ID
  2. Username in Minecraft
  3. Password
  • Step 3: Now, you will have to enter the new details for your new Mojang account. The details to the entered are.
  1. Email ID
  2. Re-enter the Email ID to confirm
  3. DOB
  • Step 4: Once, you have entered the entire required information, check the checkbox placed below to accept the terms and conditions set by the developer Mojang.
  • Step 5: Now, click the “Migrate Account” button placed below to complete the process.
  • Step 6: You will be redirected to a verification page with a fill-up form, enter the verification code send to your email and click the “Verify” button placed below.

Now, the migration procedure is completed and your account is migrated successfully.

Here is the list of few account details that could grant you access to free Minecraft.

Email – wildishk@gmail.com


Email – kalindenkhi@hotmail.com

Password – kahliden

Email – buttereaters2@gmail.com

Password: gizzzy123

Email – crusher.gameplay@gmail.com

Password – 20175meme

Email – trayman2000@live.com

Password: sailboat2

Email – superpowerjs@gmail.com

Password: Friend11

Email – rios.monica9@gmail.com

Password – hellolove9

Email – xboyx@live.dk

Password: Hej50465002

Email – eyenstain23@hotmail.com

Password – EyeStain1

Email – repsaj1129@hotmail.com

Password: viper21

Email – ranil_18@gmail.com

Password – Snehal!@

Email – on3_trickz@hotmail.com

Password: Sold!er15

Email – lavakumar_io@gmail.com

Password – L@v!KumaR_Steven

Email – dpsolan@gmail.com

Password: pong9999

Email – JTWpcID@gmail.com

Password: 15jweiner

Email – esat_101mavi@hotmail.com

Password: Rm9p28hruf

Email – Larrp@msn.com

Password: ChuchuRicky1

Email – sponebobrocks123@gmail.com

Password: sylvia2381

Email – william.rippel@gmail.com

Pass word: denden64

Email – zamaniegotino@yahoo.com

Password: bryan2004

Email – yangfan_621@hotmail.com

Password: YANGf621

Email – shannon.casey010@gmail.com

Password: keegan33

Email – layton1231@outlook.com

Password: Fatman007

Email – reukgras@email.com


Email – jjjadefranko@gmail.com

Password: franko10

Email – unwarypvp@gmail.com

Password: snooze123.

Email – Nobelguymur@gmail.com

Password: Nobelguymur2761

Email – skaterboy1313@yahoo.com

Password: boogerboy1313

Email – j5r4s12a2@yahoo.co.jp

Password: jinriku523

Email – sirenscahel@gmail.com

Password: Ab175021343

Email – tylercabral@yahoo.com

Password: hate0443

Email – angelsybb@gmail.com

Password: 0703dudqja

Email – mahsa.tajdari91@gmail.com

Passoword: 22686746

Email – jing@usa.net

Password: chong143

Email – shkrischer@gmail.com

Password: sk618212

Email – lynn.kalin@gmail.com

Password: dd102680

Every method that would help you to play Minecraft and migrate from Minecraft account to Mojang account is mentioned above. The entire list of free Minecraft accounts is 100% working.