HyperX alloy FPS pro vs Logitech G pro

Both of the laptops being the best in their own ways and serve the main purpose. Both are compact and high end performers but there are some differences in the specifications that you should know. These being compact are preferred by gamers who play with low dpi settings. The ones with small desks can also use the keyboards and would not feel a difference because it has all the functions in it.

Performance should always be the first thing you consider. If you get complex the functionality also changes. Both of the keyboards are pretty much the same.

HyperX alloy FPS pro

The HyperX alloy FPS pro has an ultra-minimalistic compact design built on a solid steel frame the resulting feel is rigid and dense with plenty of weight at around 2 pounds which is a fair amount for a keyboard this small. The 87 key keyboard has one color redLED lighting which can be adjusted for brightness as well as a few extra settings using the FN + arrow keys to change between five levels of brightness and six lighting styles as for game mode functionalities. the keyboards offer 100% anti-ghosting and full n key rollover so you won’t have any difficulty having your key presses noticed even when you’re just pressing on the keys in frustration from a loss you can also enable game mode to disable the Windows key to avoid unexpected interruptions during gaming. You can collect Lenovo Coupons to get great pricing while you will order online.

 In terms of performance the FPS Pro comes with cherry MX red switches Cherry MX switches are a favourite amongst gamers for their responsiveness feel and durability red switches are still somewhat click but are much quieter than the standard cherry blue switches the Reds give a low actuation force meaning they’re easy and quick to press which provide excellent response for both gaming and typing the key caps are full size then shaped well with a soft scalloped curve on top and a sleek finish.

additionally its supreme portability with detachable USB cable reduces storage bulk and cable damage and offers easy portability for tournament play in conclusion for the price you’re getting an incredibly solid keyboard with quality Cherry MX red switches and a compact tenly ski form factor if you want a smaller keyboard than this is definitely a reliable option for your gaming setup.

Logitech G pro

keyboard the Logitech G pro is another ten list keyboard so excludes the numpad this keyboard has ideal org anomic ski paneer hands close together when gaming or if you have a small desk or wish to play using a low dpi on your mouse and need the extra space the overall build quality of the keyboard is solid.

In terms of design the top black plate features a matte finish which matches the key caps the sights have a shiny finish and rounded edges and the bottom plate consists of a flat finish with a pattern of glossy slanted lines carved into the surface which. I really like I couldn’t flex the keyboard too much and the keyboard didn’t Creek when twisted the G pro has adjustable feet that give you three set angles at 4 and 8 degrees. I’d recommend you try using the keyboard flat to start with for maximum comfort.

in terms of switches the  switch is designed purely for gaming and for that reason it does its job great  this switch is fast and light with a shorter actuation point at 1.5 millimetres with bottom out for ascent 45 grams and total travel distance at 3 point 2 millimetres. The caps are a shining through type made out of the basic abs plastic the ki caps are relatively smooth to the touch and are a regular thickness the keyboard comes packed with on-board storage to house your user settings and this is where the free Logitech software comes in for conjuring up profiles for particular games it’s compact lightweight and has a detachable USB which is ideal for LAN events and keeps it portable with fully customizable Logitech RGB color lighting and lighting patterns game mode button to disable Windows key plus macros to execute complex commands in a single keystroke the G Pro packs lots of cool features to conclude the Logitech G pro keyboard is an excellent choice for the avid gamer the on-screen response to keystrokes feels quick and sensitive which is ideal for the aspiring professional eSports PC gamer. You can also subscribe us free of cost to get updates on Fresher Jobs News.

Review of both the keyboards are based on our knowledge. These are the best that you can get with maximum performance and durability. Please do review the keyboards once yourself before buying so you know everything that the keyboard is manufactured with.

Overall these are pretty good and you can expect durability.