Top 10 Best Music Downloading Websites Legally In 2018

Most of the people love music, and music could replenish your mind and heart. Entertainment plays an important role in everyone’s life and most of the people prefer listening to it while travelling, working, and even exercising. No device would come pre installed with music; there are more than a million songs/music available all around the world in different languages it is not that easy to acquire it on your device. The only possible way is to download or stream the music from an online website or a streaming service provider.

When it comes to downloading a song, more than a dozen websites would allow you to download music or stream; however, not all websites are legal. Some of the sites would allow you to download the songs or stream the songs, but they could be illegal. Nevertheless, it is always recommended that you download or stream songs from a legal website or service provider as it would be safe and the quality of the services would be high. Based on the quality and diversity of services provided, here is the list of 10 best music downloading or streaming website.

  1. YouTube –

There could be no one who does not know what YouTube is and represents. The YouTube is one of the world’s top online streaming service provider and downloading website that comes from the giant Google. The website has been very popular since its launching as it has a diverse database and the quality of the services provided stands second to no other website. One of the notable things about this website is that it comes with features and options that allow the user to switch the quality of the music and the sub titles.

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  1. Amazon Music –

 Amazon is one of the most famous names you might have come across these days. Yes, Amazon the e-commerce giant is into music too now. In the beginning, Amazon was not into music or movies, but today, having a diverse database with more than 2 million songs from more than 180,000 artists and from over 20,000 labels. One of the notable things about the Amazon Music services is that it offers the customer or the user the option to have a 30-seconds preview of any song they select. However, this website comes with a huge disadvantage; a user cannot stream or download any music free. You will have to subscribe to the services by paying a monthly subscription fee.

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  1. Google Play Music

Yet, another top music streaming and downloading service-providing app from the giant Google. The Google Play Music allows the user to play music by streaming online and it offers a feature that allows the user to download the music and stream it offline. According to the latest data acquired from a reliable source, the Google Play Music has a database with 40 million songs.

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  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the best music streaming service providers that allow the user to download the music to his or her device with ease. One of the notable things about this streaming service provider is that it allows users to upload their own music to the platform and other users could download the song. A recent report indicates that this SoundCloud has more than 125 million songs in its database. However, remember there will be subscription charges for these uploading and the services you prefer using.

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  1. Pandora

Yet, another music streaming service provider with a great database that has almost 30 million songs. This service is available in full capacity in nations like The United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand. However, this does not mean that the services are not available in any other parts of the world.

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  1. Napster

Napster is one of the simplest music-streaming websites that could allow you to stream over 32 million songs from their database. All you have to do simply search the music in the search bar placed on the website. However, remember, you need to subscribe for the services.

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  1. NoiseTrade

This website allows any user to stream and download any song on its database with ease. The website also offers features that include uploading own music and other users could download the music, which could eventually make the uploading user famous

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  1. Internet Archive

This website is also known as the Audio Archive and the website not only offers a streaming music service, but also services that include audiobooks, live music, podcast, radio programs etc. The site also has songs sorted out in different genres from which you could select the genre you want and listen to the music you prefer.

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  1. PureVolume

This website unlike all the other websites mentioned above comes with features that allow the user to upload a song and another user could download the song if the user grants permission for the download. The website also has a feature that allows the user to vote for a song in favor of the author of the song

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  1. SoundClick

This website is not so famous and diverse, but the database is large and the user could find almost every song in it. However, it is better you do not expect to find any premium songs on this website.

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Each website listed above are the ones that provide streaming and downloading services free or at a subscription charge. Feel free to visit the website and enjoy the services offered.