Reasons You May Be Dissatisfied with Your Physique After Training

Whether you are working for the perfect summer body or looking to improve your overall health and fitness, working out should be an activity that helps one improve their overall confidence and boost their wellbeing. However, when you leave the gym feeling worse about your body, this significantly reduces your overall morale for going to the gym altogether. This might stem from a myriad of reasons, for example the instructor may be using non-spontaneous measures to “motivate” you, but in the real sense, he or she is just shooting down your confidence.

Here are more reasons you may be dissatisfied after a workout:

Inconsiderate Instructors

You may be new to the gym scene and finding it hard to get your reps and sets right. Sometimes this leaves your instructor yelling at you about how you are wasting your time and how it won’t do much for you if you don’t get your form right. The mind tends to remember negative words to protect you from future misgivings. You willassociate gym time asa scolding session from your instructor, and therefore you make little to no progress with your goals. Hence, one feels terrible after working out rather than feeling boosted and confident.

Instant Gratification

With all of these advertisements going around about how one can drink slimming tea and magically lose weight,it’s mind-boggling to those that hit the gym and work out, and yet they lose no weight. It is also a concern with the current generation of people who want things to happen in an instant. Even with steroid or performance enhancers offered on musclefax,  results cannot be expected in an instant. Working out is a gradual process that needs patience, a good diet, and a bit of discipline to achieve the goals one has set. Therefore, if you stand on a scale before a workout session and stand on the same scale and see no change, you are left feeling like a terrible underachiever.

Believing in the Hype

The hype is such a momentary phenomenon that blinds many people. But the truth is that hype comes and goes similarly quickly. If one goes into the gym believing that they can pull off gains or losses as easy as pie, they will be mentally hammered down as soon as they realize it takes a lot to achieve fitness goals. For those who come to this realization, they make the most of it and stay consistent. Alternatively, they can feel bad about themselves after every workout and subsequently quit.

Feeling Bad

You may feel bad about your body due to the pains that come with muscle fracture and soreness. This is a sensation that many gym enthusiasts know too well. If one doesn’t do enough stretching or proper gradual increase in weight lifting, they may end up hurting themselves and feeling inadequate. Break anything, but don’t break your own heart by not doing the due diligence of not appropriately warming up for a workout session.

In conclusion, feeling bad about yourself after a workout is an issue embedded within a person’s mentality.The best way to deal with such thoughts in your brain is by doing more training and not giving up!