How to Play Xbox Games on Windows PC or Laptop?

Are you a fan of High-End games? Are you not sick of waiting for the games to be released for PC? Well, do you know that you can play all those Xbox games on your Pc or on your laptop? This is right, you do not have to spend thousands of Rupees in order to play those amazing games as you do can play those games on your windows Device if you have a High Configuration Laptop or PC.

When we say High Configuration, we mean that your laptop/desktop should have a good Processor, Ram, Graphics Card and enough Space on the Hard disk. If you meet all these criteria then you can certainly play all the games on your PC.

A Brief Introduction

Since you are already here, we will not introduce you to Xbox or the games available on Xbox as we are assuming that you already know about these gaming consoles. Well, to begin with, you just need to install an Emulator on your PC or on your Laptop to play Xbox games. Now, you must be wondering that what this Emulator is. So, for your information, Emulator is a software that set up an Xbox environment on your PC and hence it enables the Xbox games to run on your PC. In simple words, it converts your PC into an Xbox.TechMSD

Method to Play Xbox Games on Windows PC

As discussed earlier, you will need an emulator to play Xbox games on PC. So, you can check out the process below

  • Downloading Emulator – There is two popular Emulator available for you which can enable you to play Xbox Games on PC. The first one is The Xeon and the second one is CXBX. Both of these emulators are reliable and we have listed the download link at end of the article.
  • Unpacking Emulator – After downloading the emulator packages, simply unzip and extract the files and folders in the emulator.
  • Mounting the Game – Once you have extracted the emulator, you need to mount the Disc Image of the game. Windows 10 comes with the feature to mount a virtual drive or else you can use apps like Magic ISO to create a virtual drive and mount the image on the drive.
  • Starting the Game – After mounting the image to the Drive, you need to initialize the Emulator. Start the emulator and then load the game on to the emulator. The game will start once it has been loaded on to the emulator.

It can take a little time for the game to be loaded on the Emulator and having a high-end processor, as well as a high-end Ram, helps in expediting the processor. If you are able to run the games on the Emulator then you can buy a gaming pad to make the experience even more enjoyable.

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If you are having difficulties in running the games then you can check out the various forums for these emulators as they can help you in running the game and troubleshooting the emulator.

Link to Install CXBX –

Link to Install Xeon –