Netflix Subscription Price, Customer Care Number,and Contact Details – India

Netflix entered India a couple of years ago and since then it had been a popular streaming platform. There are many amazing web series on the platform and one of the series which is gaining a lot of attention these days is Sacred Games. Apart from the web series, you can also watch different shows, movies and documentaries with help of this amazing platform. What more? Well, you can watch all of this amazing content without any annoying advertisements.

Netflix Subscription Price

If you have not used Netflix yet then you might want to check out the free trial as the Netflix offers a standard free trial to the first time users. You can opt for this and later of you may choose to subscribe the services if you like them.

There are three different packages available with Netflix and the price of the packages differs along with the service level. The three packages are as listed below

  • Basic Package– This package costs Rs 500 per month and you can use Netflix subscription on one screen at the time. This could be the perfect package for you if you want to watch shows on your Laptop, Phone or Tab as this package doesn’t come with support for HD Quality.
  • Standard Package– If you intend to share your subscription with someone then you can opt for Standard Package at Rs 800. The advantage of this package is that it offers HD Quality for the content and moreover, you can watch Netflix on two devices
  • Premium Package–This is the third option available for Indian users and the subscription cost Rs 800 per month. The package offers the freedom to watch content on 4 different devices and moreover, you also get the access to HD as well as Ultra HD quality of the content.

Netflix Customer Support

There are times when you might face issues with the Netflix account or when you might want some information about billing, account or any other detail. In such a case, you might want to contact Netflix via Phone or another convenient medium.

Via Phone

At present, Netflix does not have direct phone support for the customers in India and hence there is no direct line to reach them. However, you can contact the Netflix Support on Phone with use of the Netflix App. Below is the Process to connect to the Netflix Support via mobile App.

  • Simply install the Netflix App on Android on iOS Device and sign in to the application using your login credentials.
  • Once you are logged in, you need to tap on the Menu Icon on the bottom right corner of the page. You will now see a list of options and you need to select Call Help Center. In the last step, simply click on Call Us Icon.
  • The call will be dialed to Netflix and the call is connected via the internet so you do not have to worry about the call charges if you are connected on to a Wi-Fi network

The link to download the application are mentioned at bottom of this article.

Via Live Chat

The Live Chat Customer Support Offered by Netflix is very responsive and you would not experience any delays in the response. To contact the Customer Service of Netflix using Live Chat, you need to navigate to Netflix and then click on Contact Us button at bottom of the page. You can navigate to the page using the link –

On this page, you will notice a link for ‘Start Live Chat’, Click on the link to start the live chat and write down the short description of the issue in the box provided. Click on the submit button after writing the details of the issue and the Live Chat will be displayed on the same page where you can contact the customer service executive.

Installation Link for App

To download the app, you can use the links listed below and the application is available on Android as well as iOS. Click on the relevant link and you will be redirected to Google Play Store or App Store

Netflix on Android

Netflix on Apple

This is how you can get in touch with Netflix in India and both the ways are quite effective in getting in touch with Netflix. You do not experience any kind of delay in any of these methods. The customer service is quick in providing you with a resolution as well.TechieState

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