How to Use Tinder without connecting it to Your Facebook Account?

Facebook Account: You don’t have to rely on a social gathering to get a date for yourself now. Technology can take care of this stuff for you. Moreover, you do not even have to go to the club to know someone and ask them for a date. There are many applications available today which can help you in getting a match for you.

We are sure that you thought about Tinder. At some point in time, it would have helped you in getting a date.

Tinder and Facebook Account

Well, if you ever tried using Tinder then you must be knowing that you need to connect your Tinder Profile with Facebook Profile in order to use the application. The main reason behind this is to ensure that you have a real profile. This is just a way to decrease the chances of having fake profiles on the application.

Apart from this, connecting tinder to Facebook also helps you in getting the matches as per your interest and the tinder also displays the mutual friends you have. This always works as an advantage as there are times when you might want to avoid any contact with someone who has mutual friends or sometimes, you might be interested in someone with mutual friends.

Facebook Account

Anyways, the fact is that virtually you can’t use Tinder without Facebook Account and this is one of the reasons why a lot of people might not want to use the app. Well, we found a fix to this and we have a way which can help you in using Tinder without having to Connect to Your Facebook Profile. Here is how you can do it.

Steps to Use Tinder without connecting it Your Facebook Profile

  • So to use Tinder without connecting it to your Facebook profile, you still need to have a Facebook profile. This sounds contradictory, right? Don’t worry as here are the details. Make a new profile with your photo and your real name. Remember the login credentials for the new Facebook profile.
  • Now, login to your old Facebook account, navigate to settings and then click on App Settings from the options available. Edit the permission level for the application and set the permission levels to Only Me. This would mask the app usage data from your friends.
  • In the next step, you need to login to the tinder and go to the settings of the application. Now, change the setting so that your profile is not displayed publically. This can be done by turning off the Option for ‘Show me on Tinder’.
  • Now, simply make a new profile on Tinder with the new profile you created on the Facebook in Step 1. On this new Facebook profile, upload only selected information so that the limited information is displayed n Tinder. This will ensure privacy and control over your Facebook Profile.

This is how you can use Tinder without having to use your original Facebook Account. Certainly, a way you can try to ensure that your friends do not know that you are looking for a date.TechieBlast

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