How to Use AllCast on Windows and Mac?

We all love to stream videos from phone to TV and devices like Chromecast cane proves to be really handy. But how can you stream the content of the Laptop on your TV? Well, to do this, you can use AllCast and we are certain that you would have done tried this application on your mobile but how do you use it on PC or Laptop so as to stream contents without an HDMI cable or any other type of connector? Well, you just need to install AllCast on your PC and here is how you can do it.

Installing AllCast on Mac and Windows Laptop

We have already written many different blogs and articles on Bluestack and this is what you use to install AllCast on your Mac or Windows PC. Here is the detailed process to install AllCast on your Mac and Windows Laptop.

  • To start the process, you need to first download and install the Bluestack on your Mac or Windows laptop. You can easily find the installation link for Bluestack but make sure that you install the right version which is compatible with your device.
  • If you already have Bluestack installed on your Laptop then you just need to launch the app and now, in the search bar of Bluestack, type All Cast. A lot of options will now be displayed but it is your job to find the right application.
  • Download and install AllCast on your PC via Bluestack and you can now stream the content of your Windows or Mac PC to the TV. It should be noted that your TV and the Laptop are connected to the same Wi-Fi Network as the data is streamed over the Wi-Fi Network.

In addition to this, if you do not have a smart TV then you can also buy a dongle like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or any other such device that can turn your TV into a smart TV and lets you use these features. If you have a smart TV then you can directly stream the contents of your PC on your TV.