How to Use iSmartViewPro on PC and Mac?

Security had always been a growing concerned for the people in India and abroad. To deal with this, people often install the security cameras on their property so as to ensure that the property is safe. These days, a lot of people also acquire IP Cameras as they offer flexibility to watch the videos from the IP Camera on a mobile device over an internet connection. With this, you can monitor the property from the opposite side of the world.

There are many apps available on Android and iOS to access IP Cameras but it is difficult to access IP Cameras on PC or Laptop. You can do this by using an app called iSmartViewPro and here is how you can do this.

Using iSmartViewPro on PC and Mac

  • To begin with, you need to install Bluestack on the Mac and Windows. We have a different article for installing Bluestack on Windows or Mac. With a simple google search, you can find the link to download Bluestack.
  • Now, initialize the Application once you have installed Bluestack. This will set up an Android environment on your PC and Mac as it is basically an emulator. Now, from the search bar in Bluestack, search for iSmartViewPro.
  • Once you found the application, simply install the application and it will be set up on the Bluestack environment. So, to access the application, you just need to launch the Bluestack and it will display a homepage. iSmartViewPro would now be displayed on the Bluestack page.
  • Initialize the app and you can use it just like you use the application on the iPhone or Android.

This is how you can install iSmartViewPro on your PC and Mac and you can ensure the safety of your property with continues monitoring with help of IP Cameras.