How to Use Bluestack with Windows and Mac Operating System?

Have you ever wished that you were able to play the games available on Android on your PC? Do you also wish to use your favorite Phone apps available on Android on your PC? What if we tell you that all this is possible? Yes, this is right, you can use your Android apps and Android games on the PC or Laptop as well.

By now, you must be wondering that how is this possible. The answer is simple, you can do this using Emulator. As you know, an Emulator deploys an eco-system of some other device onto the Machine and hence the laptop starts behaving like the Android with the Emulator Running on it.

In case of Android Ecosystem, Bluestack is a popular Emulator which would replicate the Android environment on your PC and hence it enables you to play the games on Windows or Mac. Let us read more about it in a step by step manner.

Introduction to Bluestack

As mentioned earlier, Bluestack is a popular Emulator for the windows and it offers a lot of features to the user. To begin with, this emulator enables you to install and run the application which is only available for Android. Apart from this, do you know that the emulator can also sync the data from your phone? Moreover, the emulator doesn’t require a lot of memory and it can function well on 2 GB of RAM and a little space on hard disk. Lastly, the Bluestack would make it possible for you to access all the apps available on the Google Play Store.

Installing Bluestack on Windows & MAC

  • It is quite easy to install Bluestack on Windows and Mac and it is similar to installing a software on your system. To begin the installation, you need to have the right setup for Bluestack. You can download the setup using the links listed below. We have listed the download link for Windows as well as Mac.
  • Once the files have been downloaded, simply open the package and begin the installation. Give the required level of permission to the Emulator and the installation will soon be complete. Your computer may ask you for a restart before you can use the emulator.
  • Now, the emulator is ready to be initiated and hence you can launch the application. You just need to login to the emulator with your Google Account and you will have the access to a huge range of apps and games.

If you are facing difficulty in finding the games or apps on Bluestack then it must be noted that there is no specific app for Google Play Store. To install the app or games, you just need to use the search bar in the emulator and install the games or apps once the list is displayed.

This is how you can run an AndroidEnvironment on your windows or Mac and it is certainly one of the most reliable methods available for us. The links for downloading the Bluestack is listed below.

Bluestack for All Versions of  Windows –

Bluestack for Mac –