Features Of Spotify Premium APK

Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it. Good Music can charge your mood any time or say it powers you up and Spotify premium and high quality music plays an important role in this. Spotify has grown into a very large music community and is very famous music and music videos streaming application. Artists, as well as music listeners both use Spotify, as on Spotify an artist can release his music album and get views from the audience and know how much people likes his or her music.

Features of spotify

As the saying goes ” When words fail, music speaks ” music is a language everyone speaks no matter which part of the world you are in. Spotify has given the music world a new direction and has completely killed the trend of downloading music and storing it an sd card or phone memory. Now with Spotify premium people all over the world have stopped downloading music and started listening to online collection of music. With Spotify premium apk you can not only surf music online but also save them from chaos situation like when your device has no internet. There are many cool and handy features of Spotify premium and some of them are mentioned below. You don’t have to read the features if you start using the app right away and experience the awesomeness of the app itself. Download the app right away – ​How To Get Free Spotify Premium APK ?

Features of Spotify Premium APK

  • Listen to (and Archive) Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist.
  • View Your History and Add Great Songs You Missed.
  • Instantly Add Tracks to Spotify from Shazam for iPhone or Android.
  • Drag and Drop Song Links Anywhere.
  • Use Private Listening Sessions to Hide Your Activity.
  • Tap to Preview Albums and Playlists on iOS.
  • It provides an ad-free music streaming.
  • Spotify’s Radio feature to listen to personalized stations that match their music tastes
  • Import and listen to your local music files through Spotify.
  • You can listen to music in high definition
  • Spotify connects feature lets you play Spotify through your computer, using your phone or tablet as a remote.
  • You can create a private Spotify music playlist that only can see no facebook or Spotify user or friends are allowed to see it.
  • If you are not sure what kind of music you want to here then don’t need worry as  Spotify’s own pre-made playlists.
  • Select any pre-made playlist according to your mode on Spotify premium APK.
  • Spotify holds onto deleted playlists for a long time. So if you have deleted a playlist by mistake and want it back Spotify can do it easily.
  • In the free version, you are limited to five skips per hour but in the premium version, you are allowed to skip as many tracks as desired.

Why Upgrade to Premium version?

Here are the best reasons why you should upgrade to Spotify premium version. After reading all the reason mentioned here you would surely upgrade to premium version. If you are using Spotify free version then you have missed a lot of cool features and amazing in-built features.

No more ads.

Study til sunset. Dance til dawn. You won’t be interrupted

Tons of music, instantly.

Hear any song you want, whenever you want. Just hit play.

Take your collection offline.

Listen to songs anywhere without burning through your data.

Easy on the ears.

Premium packs even more sound quality into every song.

Download music

Download you’re favorite music and Listen Anywhere

Unlimited skips

Just hit next


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